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Posts are (on the whole) longer form pieces of writing with a possibly more developed argument than notes.

Marketing without tracking

DF has been going in hard on Apple Mail not blocking tracking pixels over the last week or so. The relationship between the providers of what we consume content with (browser and email client/services) and the publishers of our content (Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp et al) is a murky one but, as Apple has discovered, pushing privacy strengthens the brand.

A note/post on notes and posts

I’ve been publishing three types of posts on this blog for quite a while, namely, erm, posts, notes and links. Until about 2019 I was only publishing posts, so why the change?

Why brand web pages?

What price traditional visual branding? — Or rather, what value does carefully crafted branding have to users in a fluid, interactive medium where they want to do something? Where they feel in control of the flow of the experience? Where they can view the content in a million and one different contexts the author has no control over? Is it worth putting the same amount of effort into the visual brand of a web page as, say, a print advert? Could we put more resources into the actual content and functionality?

Stormborn and the tyranny of choosing a Netflix series

Saturday afternoon generally consists of listening to Town on Radio Suffolk then some TV while dinner cooks. I’m not fussy about what I watch, and yesterday’s randomish programme was a nature docu called Stormborn, which was basically about non-human life in the north Atlantic (killer whale, thrashing seal – you get the idea).

You should try the blogging platform called WordPress

It’d be quite cool reading about someone making the journey from, say, Gatsby, to the exciting blogging platform known as WordPress. Better still, it’d be good writing something that wasn’t about making a static site do all the things that WordPress does without any effort.

k-punk and Peep Show

I wgetted k-punk this afternoon, partly in the vague fear that it might disappear one day, and partly because the design is quite old and thus quite unreadable (no <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">, for example). I may host it on Netlify when I’ve finished smartening it up – I’m assuming that would be legal.