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Some notes on using Github to power native comments on a static site

At the risk of sounding like a bot creating phrases from disparate bits of tech… I think I have a solution for onsite comments. [Deep breath]:

  • Comments are submitted via a standard, native HTML form to Netlify (or Formspark, or etc.)
  • Zapier creates a Github issue (or pull request?) from the form submission
  • When the site is built, Jekyll reads from the Github issues/pull request API and displays comments

Because Zapier is creating the issue, there’s no Github account required. And at first sniff, there’s no authentication either. If I can use the pull request API, I get an added moderation bonus: if a PR is accepted it’ll also fire a site build.

I think I can attach an author, post slug (for matching comments with their posts) and commenter website to the issue/pull request title as a comma separated list, which I can then use in Jekyll. Let’s see.