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TweetDelete deletes all your old tweets

I more or less stopped using Twitter on 24 May 2020. At the time we were locked down here in the UK and, like many people, perhaps, I felt social media wasn’t doing me a huge amount of good. I had a sense of a world contracting, and the routine of checking tweets, retweets, quotes, threads and outrage every few minutes only heightened the sense of looking inwards, again and again, more and more.

I still have my account and I follow a few others via RSS using Feedbin. Twitter mediated through RSS is a completely different experience from the app – tweets are removed from the context of likes and replies, and only appear whenever your RSS reader updates. Occasionally, I’ll login after I auto-post a link to something new on this site. After all, I’ve known a few good folk on Twitter for 12 years – it’d be a shame to lose contact completely. Also, I do get the odd reply, despite obviously having removed myself from the service.

So having extricated myself from Twitter I decided to remove that huge archive of past tweets. The only value it has is to Twitter itself – as a set of data to be mined. My account’s locked, so no-one can trawl through it anyway. Enter TweetDelete, an easy to use website which simply deletes tweets older than a time period you specify; three months, in my case. Get the paid version, and it’ll schedule the process for you so you never have to worry about old tweets hanging around again.

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