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Privacy statement

Collecting and storing your data

The only time I collect your data is when you submit a comment to a post using the comment form. The only data I store from your comment is:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your website address (which is optional)
  • Your comment
  • Your IP address

I store your comment data in three places:

  • Netlify Forms, the service that provides forms on my website
  • Airtable, the database service the website uses to read and display form data
  • My email

The only place your IP addres is stored is in Netlify Forms, and I try and manually delete all user data stored there periodically.

Your email and IP addresses aren’t stored in the Airtable database. I only need your email address at the point you submit a comment so I can send you a confirmation email. I don’t need your IP address, but Netlify Forms automatically collects this data.

Your name, website address (if provided) and comment are stored permanently in the Airtable database because the website needs to refer to them whenever the site is compiled and displays comments. By their nature, these data are published and public anyway.

I also receive an email whenever a comment is submitted, so I do have a copy of your name, email address, website (if provided) and comment in my email (but not your IP address). I periodically archive and delete emails, but I don’t make a special effort to remove these emails.

Using and sharing your data

I may contact you about your comment, especially if it’s been rejected. Note – this is rare (in fact it hasn’t happened at all at the time of writing).

I never share your data with anyone else for any reason, and I never will. I don’t use it for any purposes beyond:

  • contacting you directly about your comment
  • publishing your comment, name and website (if provided) to my website

Third-party services

I don’t use an analytics service (such as Google Analytics) to track behaviour on this site. The only third party services I use are:

  • Bunny Fonts if I’m serving a 3rd party font. Bunny Fonts privacy statement states they collect no personal data and are GDPR compliant.
  • to display comments posted on other sites, such as Webmention collects no data.

If you have any questions email

Last updated 19 Sep 2022.